• Car body painting

    The specialists of the Avtoscrapina technical center provide high-quality car painting services in Moscow. We carry out both full and partial restoration of paintwork cheaply, guaranteeing exceptionally high quality and efficiency. The territorial availability of our services is provided by an extensive network of representative offices in different areas of the capital - North-West Administrative District, North-East Administrative District, North-Eastern Administrative District, Eastern Administrative District, South-Eastern Administrative District, Southern Administrative District and South-Western Administrative District. To know more, check out: cost to paint a truck


    We paint cars of any brands and models, regardless of age, technical condition and nature of damage. Experts examine the defects, after which they determine the price and terms of repair.


    Features of painting a car body in the Auto-scratch workshops

    The cost of work includes all preparatory and related operations, including:

    • cleaning surfaces, removing dust and dirt from them, as well as greasy deposits;
    • putty and leveling, treatment with abrasive compounds;
    • primer (in several layers), computer selection of paint.

    Only after that, a complete painting of the car body is carried out, followed by drying and finishing (grinding, polishing). We guarantee a complete match of shades and colors.